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Orange DexoWorld

What are DexoWorlds?

DexoWorlds are NFT collectibles of 11,008 planets orbiting around 2,500 stars that live in the fictional Veran Way Galaxy. Created by astrophysics students, the entire galaxy and its contents are procedurally generated— this includes its map, stars, and planets. This means that each pixelated planet has its own unique properties: color scheme, pattern, rings, moons, life, and more! Unique tokens representing each planet will live on the Cardano blockchain. These tokens signify proof-of-ownership of each artwork, with their main purpose to be collected and traded.

What are the future plans?

Once smart contracts are supported (i.e. the ability to make our own app) on the Cardano network sometime in Summer 2021, we want to implement a bunch of cool features to further support the DexoWorlds ecosystem, including ways to facilitate trading. In phase 2 of the DexoWorlds projects, NFTs of each star in the Veran Way will be distribtued to those who hold all of the planets which orbit that star. Our ultimate goal is to create generative art on the Cardano blockchain.

Is there any real science here?

Yes! Well, some. The concept of DexoWorlds is based upon the scientific field of Exoplanet Searches and Characterization. The types of stars you can find, including their properties (like mass, surface temperature, color, etc.) are all based on what you might actually find in a typical spiral galaxy. In addition, the locations of the planets around these stars determine if conditions are right for there to be liquid water and potentially life on each planet. In terms of the colors, rings, and moons, well, we took some artistic liberties. In all, DexoWorlds are 50% science and 50% art!
Orange DexoWorld
DexoWorld Sun

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Where will you end up?